Why do web devs not know how to use bootstrap?

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    Site is great! Haha!
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    @cahva there's a difference between knowing bootstrap and using a template. I'm guilty of using templates for my side projects, but for professional work there's a design that then gets bootstrapped mostly to make it responsive. Why reinvent the wheel? :)
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    I know :)
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    @lreading I've used bootstrap also on several projects, there's no shame in that. I posted that url because it's true 😀

    But seriously, if someone calls him/herself a webdev and don't know how to use bootstrap, they're in the wrong business.. Or they don't know how to read the docs (which are superb in bootstrap)
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    I stopped using bootstrap and I now use Foundation
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    Me personally.. I've made my own template for all projects that I start through my day job, and really enjoy the process of doing it the 'hard way' for all my personal projects.. I've used bootstrap, and I agree the docs are great, hell I'll even reference the docs occasionally for good ideas when I'm stuck.. but I wouldn't say I know how to use bootstrap, simply because I don't use it...
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    what's your reasons?
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    @hvidt bootstrap is everywhere and foundation is multi functional you can use it in apps, email,and on the web and from my experience its a bit faster as it needs less Js and the CSS is smaller

    my own site is made using foundation if you want to see the speed I can reply with the url
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    @inpothet yeah sure thing, it sounds like a winner from what you say
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    @hvidt https://haazen.xyz this is made in foundation the sites in the portfolio are made in bootstrap
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