I’m a baby and for some reason thought that bootstrap would take too long to learn :/ just learned, redesigned and implemented an entire site using bootstrap in like an hour :/

Y am i like this

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    Coz you are a baby? I don't know, you said it yourself
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    @J-2FA @Torbuntu I know css grid and flex box but was asked specifically to use bootstrap for a class I’m taking. Frustrating but what are you gonna do 🤷‍♀️
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    I understand the bootstrap part. It's labelled as a front-end framework, but all you need to know is just few class names.

    But, why are you a baby? Can baby write program?
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    @nik123 notice the bottom watermark of the picture 😎
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    That framework has too many important statements for my liking.

    Good to know thought.
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