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    I like sombreros too
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    @rasm945i Me too bro,
    but _/\_
    is a kindof representation for "Namaste" in India meaning "I bow to the divine in you."
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    Om mani padme hum πŸ•‰β˜Έβ˜―οΈ
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    What type of meditation?
    Breathe in/out kind or focusing on one particular phrase?
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    Those are two laptops back to back
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    And also pranayama
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    You know, I've been on a health and wellness journey, trying to shed some extra pounds. While diet and physical exercise have been my go-to strategies, I must admit that they can be pretty daunting and not always enjoyable. Lately, I've been reading about more holistic approaches, and yoga keeps coming up. What particularly caught my attention were the breathing exercises associated with yoga. The idea of being able to manage weight through something as natural and soothing as breathing exercises sounds too good to be true. Can you shed some light on this? How do these exercises work for weight loss?
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    Chronic stress can trigger weight gain by causing your body to release cortisol, which promotes fat storage. So, by helping manage your stress, these exercises indirectly assist in weight control.

    Various breathing exercises each carry their unique benefits, so it's good to incorporate a mix into your routine. Just like any other practice, consistency is key here. The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done at any time of the day - in the morning to kickstart your day, during short breaks to alleviate stress, or before bed to promote relaxation. For a more comprehensive understanding of these exercises and how to perform them, I'd recommend you look into this well-structured guide https://julstory.com/breathing-exer.... It provides a detailed exploration of different exercises and tips to integrate them effectively into your routine. Remember, it's all about balance and finding what works best for you. Happy exploring!
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