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*Story Time*
In my previous company, I had the best co-workers both technically and personally. So this one time we had a product launch scheduled and there was a shit load of tasks that had to be done before the launch. The entire team used to work for 18 hours straight almost daily to meet the deadline. Sometimes stress used to get the better of us, so to help ourselves relax, we used to play pranks on each other. Like this one time one of my friends had left his email logged in. Obviously we shot out a mail to the entire company group that I have become a dad. The funny part about this was he wasnt even married. So things like these used to keep us going and there was always laughter and fun going around.

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    I had a couple colleagues in a previous role who used to prank each other.

    But we’re talking upper management disposable income pranks.

    One of them ordered like 50 helium balloons to be delivered to the other’s desk.

    The other one retaliated by buying 1000s of packing peanuts and stuffing the guy’s desk drawer’s with them.

    Good times.
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    @bitsnpieces ...and did they get back on prankster ? 😂
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    The prankee then became the prankster and everyone then fell victim to him. 😅
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