It's time to say goodbye...
... to PacRom.

//PacRom is a custom rom which has tons of //unique features. Problem: It's supports only a //few devices, like my good old OnePlus One.)

But why do I want a change now?

1. I don't get any updates or security patches any more. Yes, it hadn't stopped me to change for a longe time, but I think now that my device has more holes than a cheese.
2. I have an old Android Version (5.1.1) so I have some problems with performance and compatibility in general and with some apps.
3. I want something new, a change.

Which Custom Rom will I use next?
I want to try Ubuntu Touch for a while and then I want to go to LineageOS, but I am open minded for other ideas or suggestions.

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    Let us know how ubunru touch go's, I'm looking at porting it to the newest pixel devices, are you using ubuntu's official one or going for UBPorts updated?
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    @lxmcf I want to take the one of the community project because it also supports android apps
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    @SITCHEZ oh has that been implimented already?
    I thought it was in the works for the newest LTS
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    @lxmcf I will see, but I think that it's already finished.
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