The last few weeks I am seriously considering antidepressants...

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    Don't mate. If you go down the rabbit hole without a doctor advising and supporting you, you will have a bad time.
    You can do with out them!
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    Lost my "like a mother" to this shit. She basically slowly turned into depression, but kept it hidden. She tried anti depressants, as we found out later, but without help she did what no human should ever feel to have to do
    Seriously, get help. Now.
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    No, don't go on antidepressants. You'll regret it.

    Once you start, you'll have to continue it, because if you stop, you'll get really bad headaches and the depression will worsen. It's a long and difficult process to get off them.

    Someone I know, let's call her M, decided to get antidepressants without her parents knowing. Big mistake. She relied on them so much that if she didn't take them all the time, the symptoms would get worse. She really regretted her decision.

    You can always talk to us if you need help. Or you can get professional help, just please don't go on antidepressants. The pills don't work. It's a psychological thing. It helps because you think it helps.
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    @Monus @Kimmax @Michelle
    Thank you all so much for your support, that's too kind.
    I know not much about this kind of medicine. I have a friend who suffered from depressions. His doctor gave him some antidepressants to lift him out of the mental hole which actually worked after a few weeks. That's why I'm thinking about taking to my doctor about some antidepressants.

    I was on sick leave a month ago for 3 weeks because of burnout and depressions. My physical condition worsened the last few months because of (as I know now) stress from work.
    Therefore I am actively looking for another job. If I'm lucky I can start a new job at the beginning of may, but I don't know yet for sure.
    So right now I can't be sure that there will be an end to the source of my stress soon enough to not fall into the same hole I was in just a few weeks ago.

    Finding a psychiatrist is hard. Around here they have a waiting period of several weeks which does not help if it is an urgent problem...
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