Spent two days debugging my algo to figure it was a problem with the colors they picked and my logic was fucking flawless!

Sweetest feeling ever :D

I'm sort of color blind so I never check colors and I'm really straight about it with everyone: I don't pick colors.

Its a rant with a happy ending :)

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    @AlexDeLarge haha had to research...

    What fits better is Protanopia
    Its not supper strong but I get confused with green-red-orange variations and sub types of these like oranges.

    I have trouble with purple too.

    So basically for me:

    Is green for me:
    Almost all greens, all browns.

    Is yellow for me:
    All yellows and some light greens.

    Is blue for me:
    All blues, purples and some light pinks.

    Is red for me:
    All reds and some oranges

    Some oranges I see as red or green or yellow ( its supper fucked up lol )

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    @AlexDeLarge and thank you for the code 😊
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    @azous I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the WCAG color contrast recommendation. Do you have trouble seeing low-contrast text, like a white menu link on a medium grey background?

    If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check this out: https://webaim.org/resources/...
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    @coderme hey, I had trouble with blue text on #575757 background, although I can read, it is fucking annoying.

    And I didn't know about WCAG until now, thank you :D
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    @azous Welcome! I deal with this stuff a lot.

    Ok. I think that's fairly standard then - blue on medium grey is not very contrast-y, so if you can read that congrats. :)
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    @azous Feel free to complain to any website which you find difficult to read due to color contrast. In the US and most European countries, it's required by law to meet certain accessibility standards. (Not sure if WCAG 2.0 is one of them or not.)
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