Okay, I try not to swear even when I am frustrated and I’ve had it up to my neck with a certain issue; it’s my personal ideal, and I have my reasons - I also have my ways of venting anger.

I searched for bootstrap on Google just once. Since then, I’ve just been using the actual website to get where I need to. Now, at the beginning of every YouTube video I watch, I get a Udemy ad asking me to enroll into the Bootstrap class. I use Adblock (I know it doesn’t protect me from all their ad scripts) but seriously, can they please tone down on the aggressive ads.

It’s so infuriating. If I have clicked the ad link to be redirected to Udemy, perhaps your AdSense should understand that I don’t want to learn Bootstrap from Udemy. If I see one more f$&@?!#g Udemy web development ad... I might just make it my mission to become a l337 h4x0r and wreck Google. Hehe

Now that that’s out, thanks for reading.

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    I keep getting them for Python, Node, and Vue... I mean wtf.
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    They send me loads of "wix.com" ads. They market it using the tagline, "you dont need to code". I mean how horrible is that. [For those who don't know, its just a fancy website hosting site with tons of ready to use templates for everything.]
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    Btw, I meant:

    “If I have NOT clicked the ad link, perhaps your AdSense should understand that I don’t want to learn Bootstrap from Udemy.” 😅
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    Ublock origin personally blocks (all?) Most of my ads for youtube. Im on youtube daily and I haven't seen an ad in forever... long enough that I can't remember getting one.
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    @makarand oh fucking man seriously i have watched all of wix ads. Fucking dumb celeberities. They dont have time to update the website, they only use twitter instagram and facebook. They have social media manager for that stupid thing.
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    Firefox has a YouTube ad blocking ad-on, I've never seen any ad on YouTube for months now, not a single one.
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