Me: So we've used Bootstrap for front-end and Django for ...
Teacher: Bootstrap is not a front-end framework.
Me: Uh..Okay. It's a CSS framework ? My bad.
Teacher: No, Python is for front-end.
Me: You mean templating ? Yeah! We've used Jinja templates.
Teacher: No. Use Python for front-end.

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    @Alice well it can be useful for quick websites where you really care
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    @Alice What do you use? Vanilla all the things?
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    Oow a browser with a python runtime, would love to see that
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    @Charon92 @Lahsen2016 that's a bit unfair towards bootstrap. The initial css is huge because of all the edge cases it handles and backward compatibility it provides.
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    @Lahsen2016 Do you run into any edge cases and browser quirks that you have write custom fixes for? Genuine question, I don't know what the state of browser support and differences between them is.
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    @Lahsen2016 you got me honestly curious here, do have any snippet or github to share by any chance? I'd love to have a look at some vanilla css/scss 😊
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    Cash back you cours you losing your time
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    I don't have any problems of using bootstrap, but...
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    @norman70688 Maybe because it's too generic for buying something.
    They could have shortened the "Lass mich erst darüber nachdenken" (Let me overthink this) just to "Abort" or "Cancel".

    But they also could have just fixed the overall dialog-size and didn't let this slip into production.
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    Just use python for frontend bro
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