I sometimes watch dutch pov ambulance videos on YouTube. It just turns my mind off.


+ coffee ☕

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    Lol I thought you were talking about ambulance porn...

    Gotta stop researching that redtube's api 😂
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    @azous Why are you researching their apis???
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    @CozyPlanes for researching purposes only 🙄
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    @azous to make what? porn aggregator? lol
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    @azous I always wonder how their frontend engineers get anything done in a sane manner.

    Maybe they replace all thumbnails/previews with Barbapappa/Teletubbies stills when developing?
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    @CozyPlanes a CSV with links to top rated videos by pornstar name and tags 🙄
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    I also like the dutch police YouTube channels, like PRO247. It's great to see they work on their public image, because they deserve more respect than they often get.
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    @freakko pictures of lol cats
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    @2E0PGS You guess or know, dear sir?
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