I just love when:
Programmer: I just hate people working with X language. They are so average and can't reach a thing...
Me: Yes, of course, but you also work but with the X full-time, right?
Programmer: Well yes, why?
Me: oh nothing, just wondered...

And in my career I've seen so many cases like this... They all whine that X is bad, Y is for noobs but still continue to work with it themselves...

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    It is all bad.
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    It's because either they keep getting work that requires X or they haven't had the time to build the expertise in Y that they need to be productive, and they're venting their frustration.

    Source: I worked in PHP for 17 years, frequently demeaning it because I couldn't find work that didn't involve it.

    Now I've had my mental break and don't do PHP any more, and anyone who does is an idiot who hasn't yet had their break.
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    They hate it because they know it
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    I can't argue with the fact that they hate it after they got to know it but quite a lot of times people start to hate their own thing and think that Q would be the most amazing thing. Surprise surprise - they understand that the Q was not so great after all too and it starts all over again :)
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