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Today I bring bad news. My little coding companion (little degu) in one of my past posts has done something to its back leg/paw whilst taking a fall off my brother's leg. My younger brother wasn't careful enough and the goo was unlucky enough to land on the floor injured. My feelings towards my brother and what he has done are still something I'm not sure about.

We took the goo to the vet as the goo was in severe pain. The vet gave the goo some morphine for the pain. It stopped looking stressed after a while and then it was completely chill. I was just so glad (and still am) that it's not feeling the excruciating pain it felt before. Because we don't have insurance, the price for the emergency consultation alone was quite high, but at this point I really didn't care about money...

The goo is spending the night at the vets where it will be free of pain and in the morning, the vets will x-ray the goo and see weather it can be mended. If it will not be able to be mended, the goo will have to be put down. But even during the x-ray or surgery process, the goo can die. Small animals and goos are at a higher rate of dying under anesthesia than other animals simply because you cannot feed them tubes. I just really really hope this will be okay.

Thank you for listening,


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    The vets called me this morning and it seems like the goo is able to put weight on its foot which means it's possible that it was just really bad bruising. They haven't eliminated the risk of fracture but it seems its a lot better than expected. We will be picking him up this morning quite soon and he should be able to come back home. :')
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    The one on the left is the injured goo, he seems quite happy :)
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    @fun2code thank you dude, I really appreciate your comment. The goo seems to do a lot better now as you can see. I hope your dog feels better too! Good luck to you too. :)
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    I will pray for good, not to "GoD" or anything... Just pray :)
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    @fun2code my degu is slowly growing stronger every day. Thank you for asking. The goos are currently resting and it's really cute c:

    I hope your doggo makes it :/ I kinda understand the fear and dread you're currently feeling dude.

    I would try to be honest with your sister. I don't really know how old she is but yeah, I would just tell her the truth, because at least she knows the situation. I mean, if my degu was dying, I wouldn't want someone to tell him the goo was fine and then it died. I really don't know how to explain myself. But I guess she deserves to know the truth, one way or the other.

    Please let me know how you are dude.
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    @fun2code he's really cute c:
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    @fun2code omg, thats so good dude! Hes cute as. :D good little doggo c:
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