So a few days ago I shared about the conflict with my colleague on learning React. Today I was let go. Obviously I asked why they would do that and they said they feel the problem isn't even my React knowledge but the fact I don't grasp the fundamentals of OO programming.

Thing is in these 3 months there has not been a single code review. They are either going of what my lying colleague told them (they claimed he was excluded from giving feedback), or the consultants who were hired to help us. And yes, I got feedback I should improve but at the same time the assurance so long as I show improvement it'd be fine. And I was told they could see improvement. So I'm not sure what changed but suddenly there is no budget to keep me on. In any case it feels like shitty corporate bullshit.

But I can't say they are wrong. I struggle to explain simple concepts I know in words. I've worked a series of bad jobs where nobody cared how you did stuff as long as it got done. I feel I'm so behind now and so affected by bad knowledge it's even harder to fix than to learn the first time. So I'm wondering how to fix this.

I'm really gutted too because I loved this company. I was finally getting a fair wage instead of being underpaid. The people were excellent. I felt I could finally relax and feel safe at work. And now I feel betrayed. Which for someone with self esteem issues is very hard. Can't trust in myself and can't trust in others.

I'm gonna try and pick myself up in the morning, but today I feel totally shit. This wasn't how I'd expected things to go. I thought my manager had intended to talk conflicts over but instead I get the boot. And the advice to stop overselling myself. Real useful that. Like it is on me that they hired me despite my subpar interview because my CV looked good. It's a shitty excuse. In any case they're now stuck with a dev that walks out of work, throws false accusations about colleagues, and another person warned me about to not engage because nothing good ever came from it. He's gonna keep over engineering everything and make up for all the time he wastes outside of work creating a dysfunctional environment for everyone. But yeah, easier to fire the new person who does her best despite the odds. And who cautioned against over engineering because we kept missing deadlines. And who believes in refactoring when it is needed because that's how agile works. Yeah better keep someone who has no sense of work life balance and makes others miserable then claiming he's being driven out by your ignorance. And of course the consultants who throw your own people under the bus. Can't get rid of those now.

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    Don't let this make you feel down.

    Sometimes corporate reality are shit.

    Also, I am senior Frontend Dev and I think - work like you. Only theory does not work, I need to practically do stuff to have it fixated in my mind.

    If you feel like you can reach me here or on discord maybe I can help you ( and also grow as well because teaching is a two way process )
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    Hey dude, I know it’s a cliche but sudden changes in circumstances can be a positive push to get you back on track. Don’t stay down for too long or dwell on it, look forward to the steps you can make for a better future. It will get better. oh yes i forgot the cliche, when one door closes....
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    If you want to improve your oop skills, try to do some programming challenges in java. Besides them being fun, you can learn some things doing it (if you ask why java: java more or less forces you to go oop).

    To improve your skills in your language of choice, try codewars.com
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    Rant my fellow ranter, here's a ++ .
    That sounds like a toxic environment, don't take it personally, maybe it's good that you were let go, Rise, improve your skills and look for another job.
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    Aw fuck a duck that sucks.

    A company that hired you, and then let you go for a lack of skill that they should have screened for is kinda shit.

    If they said they’d provide on job training then they’re doubly shit.

    It definitely sounds like a bit of corporate he said / she said has gone on behind the scenes and resulted in this bullshit.

    Experienced similar situations before, largely around personal health and family circumstances getting in the way of my work, so I feel you.

    Chin up. Keep on truckin’ and learning.

    I swear development in a team is 90% communication and 10% dev.

    You might be really good at cracking out a solution, using patterns you’ve intuited and absorbed, but unless you can put names to them, and communicate your thought processes to others, then it’s a tough break, but probably one that’ll ultimately be good for your growth.
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    Wrongful termination is illegal. If they never did a code review they don't have basis for termination, at least from a legal standpoint. I'm no lawyer, just another dev. But if you can't find another job because of the firing then it may be an option. Only pursue it if no one will pick you up, because a lawsuit like that will appear on your record and with future employers you will have to provide basis as to why it happened like it did
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    It does make one feel down, but from my experience, working in similar environment is not that good, especially that the senior dev did not at least check where exactly you are not following but instead like you said, he kept talking and talking when what you were missing was few simple examples to get things done.

    Now I've worked in similar environment where they said either you leave or we will lower your salary, because I wasn't able to work correctly on a 10 year old code base with 0 documentation and no one following up with me.

    Anyways, now that you know where your problem is, try explaining it to your self, I too had similar issue where I was not able to explain but I can implement, started explaining to my self in a loud voice and then all was solved out

    Enough advises for today, go rest, that job was not the one and only opportunity you'd get, there are others -- says wise git
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