It wasn't enough that the iPhone X's notch was making developers' lives hell; now each Android phone is trying to have its own style of notch. Eat a dick device makers.

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    Unfuck one Notch though, he likes blocks.
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    Why should IOS devs be the only ones in hell?
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    Its what happens when a phone sells bad and then your stuck with a crap tonne of odd displays. Sell them to anyone :P
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    Who the fuck is releasing an Android phone with a notch :O T_T ?
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    @gitpush idiots, and they are arguing "our notch is smaller!"

    like the new oneplus, asus zenfone, lg, huawei p20

    It made me wanna throw my huawei nova into the wall
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    @Tommy314 fucking shit!!! I hate this world 😒
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    What, actually is the point of the notch? I still haven't grasped that, which leaves me feeling stupid.
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    @teadrinker its what happens when stupidity sells itself as smart shit, smart people start doubting themselves and fell stupid.

    Its super fucked up.
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    @teadrinker smaller bezels. Its stupid as hell though
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    @noveusurp I never saw it and wish I never do 😒
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    @noveusurp oh ya that I saw and didn't like honestly
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