# Need review about user interface.
// Its a social media application.
// Following screenshot is the Feed page.
// Inspired by Vero.

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    Looks good, but that FAB seems a bit non-matching to me. Maybe choose a less bright turquoise as color.
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    Yeah I agree with @filthyranter. Try to use as few colors as possible.
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    I mean your color palette seems to have two accent colors. Which is fine I guess but you probably shouldn't use both of them on the same UI element.

    Other than that, I like it! I like the icons!
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    Fab should be one color. The hearts could be blue too. Make sure you're using equal margins. 8, 16, 32
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    That bright blueish-green tone with the intense blue inside it makes me sick..😵

    Go for pastel colors with your white/grey background.
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    Are those custom icons?
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    I love it, but I'm not a designer.
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    Where can I get this app?
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    Or where can I get the code and build it myself?
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    original Vero Looks better imho
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    Looks dope except the accent color. Needs to be more muted
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    That's from that YouTube channel. In a nutshell.
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    @AlgoRythm yup.. the guy who created the wallpaper took it from the kurzkezagst or something like that
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    Work on the colour, otherwise it’s great overall
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    You need to release this app. I know a ton of people that want to use it.
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    @ewpratten yeah I would very much like to do that but I am currently stuck at a problem.

    If you want to know what is the problem and help me with it, read further. I have to warn you its boaring and long rant though. Its 3.20 in the morning and English is not my mother tongue. So, Here it comes.

    Snackbar uses firebase as backend, and I built this app around it so far. But the problem is Firebase isn't good at filtering data.

    So if a user posts something and I want his/her friends to see the post and no one else then it can't be done at firebase. I have to do it at client side, which is crazy for obvious reasons.

    At the time it wasn't a problem but when I started coding the main ingredient, 'user connections'. Firebase isn't a good option for that. So I had to switch over some graph database which I know very little of.
    So the project is stuck there. Even after I get enough knowledge of graph db (neo4j), I'll have to write Snackbar from scratch again.

    So that was the problem.
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    @makarand well...you could try doing the sorting client side. It might not be great, but it would work.
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    It would. But there is basic design flaw in firebase, the clients will have to download whole set of data even before the sorting. And most of the data will not be needed to them.

    I think firebase is great but its only limited for prototype applications.
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    Maybe it would be better to have less "complex" icons. Minimalism is often the key :)
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