This is what I have to deal with right now... 🙂🔫
Why would you not comment or name your variables so someone else can understand wtf is going on here?

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    That's something my CS professor steesses; proper naming.

    Hell even my frontend web dev professor stresses relevant naming for classes so others can understand it.

    Why is it so difficult for people to grasp this concept?

    I'll sometimes have variable named like this: user_input_mathquestion just so it's clearly known what it is lol
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    Holy shit dude Best of luck xD
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    Is this a SpaceX code?
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    Well I don't think it's that bad..same naming conventions at least, making it easier to figure out.
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    Somebody needs to read Code Clean.
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    May the force be with you.
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    Aside from a couple, most of them are fairly self explanatory from the context.

    The T C S ones are tan cos and sine results etc.

    Probably a little too contracted admittedly, but once you work out what they are, give them a bit of love and rename them a touch.
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    @Pseudonymous Yes. And it's' funny so many people upvoted the comment without noticing my mistake.
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    @telephantasm Idk about others, but simple things like that, my brain autocorrects.

    And even if others didn't, we all know what you mean when the words "clean" and "code" are together in some arrangement lol
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    @jhh2450 I read both these books: "Clean Code" and "Code Complete". Your brain autocorrects and mine automixes @__@
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    @vanz No, it's SpaceY's code
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    What language is this? Looks like Java but with JS syntax? Typescript?
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    @enoon It's JS, but the project is a mixture of TS and JS 🤯
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    @enoon looks like regular js to me? What makes you think otherwise?
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    @Shardj the function parameters have explicit types (numbers, whatever that is in this context).

    it’s something that’s usually not done in plain js, since everything is explicitly just a var.

    i don’t have enough exposure to js to have seen it written this way. and as I suspected, there are hints of typescript.
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