So a friend gifted me this for my birthday! Probably among the best gifts ever 😀

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    Cute :) .... worldsDev[0]
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    Very cool! Do you know where your gifter bought it?
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    @Jumpshot44 yes, there is a print store chain in India called printo.. Other than normal paper stuff they print on pens, t-shirts, mugs etc too!
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    @ishankothari Is it a way of promoting your brand?
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    25 more ++ and I'll have a birthday gift from devRant as well 😂
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    @ishankothari Answer me buddy.
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    @Madharchod I didn't understand your question, could you elaborate?
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    @Madharchod I don't work for printo or own the brand. I am infact a student and if you read the post you'll know that this was a birthday gift to me and I mentioned printo only because someone asked where my gifter got it from.
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    I'm the person! Double-gifts ftw B)
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