I'm thinking abounds buying Sublime-Text, is worth the money?

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    did you try vs code first?
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    I like VS Code and Atom,
    but both are build on electron,
    So they eat a lot of my resources,
    and that means shorter usage time for my notebook-accu while I'm in college.
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    @cabrasm ST can be portable though.
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    Totally worth it for me.
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    @cabrasm I have keep it in my external hard disk together with my most used plugins. So I can use it at clients' offices.
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    Don't buy it. Use vs code instead then you'll become a believer. Use the money on premium tutorials or other useful stuff mate. Cheers! 👌
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    no one? Ok, i will say it: Vim
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    VSCode is awesome, and free!
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    @cabrasm spacemacs
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    @metamourge it’s actually funny, VS Code drains about 1/10th if what atom does and loads much faster so between those two I’d vehemently say VS Code. As for sublime, I think you can test it before buying? (Not sure). Just use it, use VS Code and see if you can justify paying for it.
    You can see above how there is much disagreement between people, just means it isn’t a simple yes/no and you need to do some prodding yourself.
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