C : Hi, I will send you the minor fixes with new images soon. Can you update for me?

Me : Yes sure.

C : We would also like to launch the website tomorrow.

Me : Oh cool. Then I'll connect it to the live domain after the updates.

C : My boss also likes to press a button and launch the website....

Me : ... umm ...

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    some customers will want a button that will bring them coffee
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    I'm now planning to put a one time splash screen or a pop-up over the website. 🤷
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    @tinybyte you're wrong
    Everyone want that
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    @CurseMeSlowly that's a hilarious fix. So useless, but if it makes the boss happy....
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    @Vip3rDev yeah 🤷 I give up on explaining certain things
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    So just to confirm... He wants a button to launch the website? Like the start button to launch the start menu?
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    @dr-ant he wanna press something to launch the start of his website. So yeah like start button or power button 🤷
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    @potluck I haven't thought of this. You sir are very smart. 👀
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    "How about you press your fingers into your rectum?"

    Is it too much?
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    @potluck he is probably a bit familiar with the F5 function. I know he uses email and stuffs.

    So I'm just gonna use a tiny bit of JavaScript and create a splash screen with big red "Launch Website" button. 🤔 Said button and splash screen will disappear after pressing once.

    Of course I'm gonna have to quickly delete that chunk of code after like 9:35. Because they wanna launch at 9:30.
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    @azous I don't think he will be happy with that if his rectum is not in a button shape 🤔
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    Lol even though the wish seems illiterate, I can't help admiring the idea. The ego must be big on him. The guy under him is also pandering to it. 😁
    I like your idea of the splash screen. Maybe add a countdown timer too? 😁

    I imagine they'll be ready with a touchscreen and a champagne. 😁
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    @CurseMeSlowly keep us updated if that worked
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    If you want to solve this mistery check out envoyer where you can have a deploy url attached to your repo.

    Then you can build a bigass launch button site ( on a launch.yoursite.domain ) with sounds, countdown and a disco sphere or whatever shit your client needs then request that url and that site is gonna deployed in about 1 minute.

    I personally would handle the management of the pre deployed / deployed state in the env file where you can pull the strings in the background and it would change with the deploy.

    Happy coding!
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    Yayyy website successfully launched at 10:30am local time. 🕺

    Two div. 1 unsplash image. 1 button with on click. Few JavaScript lines. 😛
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    @CurseMeSlowly No champagne?
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    @dr-ant don't know man. I wasn't invited to their ceremony :( I quietly deleted my Special Launch Module code from my office.
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    @CurseMeSlowly oh well.
    Maybe next time.
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