COBOL, Clipper, DBase, FlashCode, DOS 3.30, Novell, dot-Printers ... Now learning Swift... Emojis for variables! ... I'm to old for this..... Damn millennial languages.

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    I do. Remember Dr. DOS, DataEase, Paradox, Rbase, askSam... 😀fun days!
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    Millennial here!
    Let me break it down for you guys. Plain English: That is not code. I would be surprised if emojis actually work in code.

    Millennial English: That is not code. I would be 😱 if 😄🍆🙄💚🙄 actually work in code.
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    @uziiuzair It is valid Swift.
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    @uziiuzair @zebMcCorkle Yes is in the Apple PlayGround Tutorial iBook.
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    even if it compiles it's not code, it's a monkey typing on a ide.
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