I'm a web developer that would like to do some game development. I focus on front end, and have done backend work (not a lot of databasing, though). I mainly use JavaScript and Python, with enough knowledge of Java, C#, and PHP to get by when I need to. I've also got a background in graphic design.

What aspects of game development might be a good fit for my skillset?

Where and how do I get started? I've looked at Phaser in the past, since it was inspired by Flixel, a Flash game library I used for a some simple projects in college.

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    (C#)=>{return "unity"}

    It depends how good are you at programing with objects. If you think you are good enough, pick unity. If you are not, you should learn more C# and play with easier enviorements.
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    I can't give you any correct hints because I'm pretty much in a similar situation like you. Just maybe one step ahead.

    Don't think too much where you can get started. In my opinion the game matters, not the creator (art for art). So if you want to make that game, that idea, don't wait. Look up a few engines and which one fits your project. Maybe if you have a friend who will team up with you, do it together. I know people who made games all alone though. Choose one or more aspects (3D/2D Design, Programming, Game Design (developing ideas and stuff), music, etc). I don't know much about the job scene though, since I'm only a student.

    I myself probably got the worst start and the best at the same time. I got into game modding and mapping for Portal 2 randomly. After a year or two of pausing (lots of webdesign) this passion, I now try to learn Unreal Engine with my girlfriend.
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    I can suggest either gamemaker or Unity. Gamemaker uses its own language which kinda looks like JavaScript and quite a few indie devs use it.
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