Wouldn't be amazing if we could charge like doctors?

User: good morning engie, just here for my checkup.
Engie: everything seems to be working perfectly with your laptop. That would be 70 bucks.

Not comparing professions just a random thought.

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    The problem with this is most people value themselves more than a laptop. Therefore, they're more willing to spend for their own check ups vs a check up on their computer.

    Would be nice though. It'd also be nice if they valued our input a bit more during planning whenever we offer suggestions and advice.
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    @jhh2450 I sometimes feel developer's are a bit undervalued.
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    @JKyll Not sometimes; we usually are undervalued. Well at least based on stories I've read from other ranters with bad experiences during meetings.
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    You probably could if you worked for a big box store. But then you could charge like a mechanic instead. "Your big end's gone mate, the oil needs changing, and those tyres are as bald as I am"
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    Because your referred to us as “Engie,” I just see (and hear) the TF2 Engineer through the whole scenario. Thank you for this.
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    For corporate insured patients consultations fee is generally £200
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    Wouldn't it be cool to charge people like some esoteric medium?
    User: hey there my laptop seems to be running slow he might suffer depression or something like that.
    You: *lays hands softly on laptop* oh yeah I feel very bad spirits... that'll take a moment... seems like it has been standing on a water vein for some time you should move your table... *hmmmmhhmm* all done that would be 300 bucks and you should check back in 2 weeks
    User: thank You!!!
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    Developers, and undervalued! If anything they are overvalued! They don't have to leave chair, work in dangerous environment and can work flex or from home, and even they do shitty job, not much an issue, unlike us!

    - said a construction worker!
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    Wanna be awesome? Become an independent privacy officer! Rent yourself only to companies that have their shit together and charge thousands just for being a security expert!

    Every larger company needs one, but almost none have an employee lawfully qualified to be one... 🤑
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    The company I work for does tuneups that we recommend every 6 months. They currently cost $40, but we may raise that to $50 here in the near future.
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    Wouldn’t work here in the U.K. I’m afraid.

    I mean, we’d get it “free”, but we’d:

    > feel the tax hit
    > the service would never be enough for the public
    > someone would drop their laptop while drunk and somehow it’d be everyone else’s responsibility to pay for
    > you’d have to wait months for an appointment and then you’d have to have the day they pick for you

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    $70 is pretty low.
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