It's too late for this but I just realized it so I'm sharing it anyway.
How do I get through tough dev days?
Depending on how tough it is going :
House music
Soundtracks for focus
Soundtracks for action (any Assassins here?)
AC soundtrack with chocolate.

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    I like to listen to AC Black Flag's soundtrack!
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    These albums
    Endgame Singularity Soundtrack
    Endgame Singularity Advanced Research
    Duet Original Soundtrack

    For a happy hackin'!
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    @hch11 duet as in duet the awesome spheres game on Android?
    Kumobius and Tim Shiel?
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    yup, the best tracks are patinkin nd main theme @dr-ant
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    @hch11 I think so but I haven't used it yet. It's brilliant in game though. I'll have to try. Thanks
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