VScode shows that how good a big company can do to the world by honestly caring about its clients than focusing on its selfish needs.

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    Thank you vs code. I don't like atom for windows because it is slow
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    Oh, Hello there... How are you? You know I'm like Chrome too! I eat a lot of RAM when I am being used. My Father, ElectronJS gave birth to me, and my mother is Microsoft....

    I also have a stepbrother called "Atom" and we do get along.

    Do you like to eat RAM too?
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    I'm very sure the change in direction for Microsoft is at least partially because they need to improve their image.
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    @irene I'd like to throw in Elixir and Crystal as well, even though Vim clearly is better than both
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    @Clueless i have no clue what you are talking about. Had sublime and VScode open same project alongside . Sublime was taking 146.4mb ram and VScode took 143.8 mb of ram(vscode even had a pdf extension!) . Both are better than the Android studio, taking 2.8 gb of ram for the same project 😂
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    @Null-Device vim rules them all,😅 if one knows it well
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    @chaostools We have different plugins required to develop something.

    As I experienced, I got 600+mb when I was developing a desktop application and when VSCode was in idle, its RAM usage increases.

    I didn't said I hate VSCode, I have been using it for a year now. I'm just stating that this happens to all Desktop Application used by Electron.
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    Yeah i too think it all depends upon the use-case . For me its just an ide where i can edit my documentation and other non project files while the Android studio is busy building the project. And it works pretty well for this.
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