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Fuck Firebase.

I am working on a Instagram clone. So far it was going good until I came to the follow/unfollow part. Specifically where users post will only be visible to the friends who are following him/her.

Initially I thought I could use Firebase rules for that. Turns out you can not use the rules for filtering because of cascading properties of firebase rules.

Second one was the traditional approach in which you can check the author of the post and if the author is in my friend list then display it. But this seems idiotic approach because in the long run users will have to download thousands of posts just to check them. I know I can use the order by but this is also a cumbersome approach nonetheless.

Does anybody has any idea on how to do it. I'm stuck here.

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    social media apps usualy use graph databases such as neo4j.

    Graph database - Wikipedia
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    @heyheni thank you for your reply. I'LL look into it
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    @sergiolarosa89 yeah been trying to get my head around it. Just read about it somewhere.
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    Yes fuck firebase!!

    Even this semester for our project we needed a cloud platform to store data.
    2 fucking days wasted behind that firebase and still nothing was in place.

    Finally we decided to use Dropbox for cloud storage!! And it worked easily.
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