Had my first 'mentor' moment at work today!

Newest guy couldn't figure something out and asked me, slightly nervously, for help.

Suddenly I went into mentorish state, explaining stuff I was doing while fixing it in under a minute!

Felt good 😃

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    It was a very tiny thing but still :)
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    It's kind of nice seeing you transition. When you started you where the new guy not knowing too much and look at you now all mentored up and shit. Congratulations!
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    Teaching is nice when people want to be taught. If I could have chosen in students I would have been a teacher for sure.
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    @Wack Well I'm not his mentor in any way but I just know more about how everything works around here and this one was just non-stressed easy-solution thinking :).

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    @linuxxx you might not be officially but to him, you're the guy who knows how to fix stuff and that he can ask... Sounds pretty much like a mentor to me ;)
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    My mentor moments:

    1. Here read this document I wrote, come back with questions
    2. Thought when "a Sr Dev" asked me to help him with Git or some other simple tech: What you don't know how to ... ???? Orz
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    I think as Dev that's best way for us to give back to the community! Keep it up 👌🖖🤘
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    I like this wholesome post. I love to see someone all happy they could help someone else, and not with the attitude of "look how cool I am."

    I wish for you a most fantastic rest of your week.

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