Painful Representative Often Jeopardizing Expected Completion Times, Making All New Assignments Greatly Escape Reality


P.R.O.J.E.C.T. M.A.N.A.G.E.R. for short.

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    Very very good, although aren't you your own project manager?
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    @gitlab True, but I'm also the developer, so I know how to schedule my own work so that doesn't happen.
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    @JMoodyFWD said no lone dev of a larger scale project ever
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    Wut da frigg
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    @Proximyst Not sure what you mean by that.

    All I know is the minute the project manager that was at the firm I freelance for was fired, giving time management of the projects directly to my dev team, productivity shot up and customers were much happier.

    I have yet to find a single place where project managers didn't create a disconnect between clients and developers. It's either lying to the client to buy time they underestimated, pressuring devs to meet unrealistic goals or both.

    Project managers are glorified middle managers. I like to call them seagull managers, because they fly in, shit all over everything, then fly out.

    Every task I give to a developer gets done in a timely manner because I let them manage the schedule of their work. If they can't manage their schedule, I find a developer who can. It's that simple.
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