My jupyter notebook has outgrown itself on some real world trading data analysis and its becoming a pain to add to (further) and share.
Need to find better alternatives, web apps where are you?

But i know nothing about it. Learning curve ahead!

I've 7 interactive dashboard plots (from some data) in jupyter-notebook.
- It'd be nicer to have a web app to use them without running notebook from a different location.
- Or running notebooks remotely (running as daemons on host machine).
Any suggestions for a starter ?
rant before requirements, coz rants lead to better requirements.

if rant++:

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    The thing about web apps, is that you would need to learn javascript... You really need it to be visual? I will do a Flask proyect, considering you are using pandas (hope your not using R) and dont requiere a DB atm. If you plan having a DB then I would do Django
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    - Is in Pandas.

    - Grabs CSV from internet, processes it and stores in excel (huge excel).

    - With file present, uses excel as data source, else goes back to internet.

    - Updates source, weekly/daily or if data is missing.

    - Does the work and plots graphs using Plotly offline. (interactive)

    A: As of now don't think DB is required.

    A: It's better use interactive graphs coz of the correlations it has to show and i can interact with them to see different segments.

    Web Knowledge:

    I know basics of

    Front End : HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery (from a basic level 1 google web developer frontend scholarhip)

    Back End : Nothing ;( (as of now)

    Thought of looking into:

    - Dash

    - Bokeh server

    If you're doing something for me:

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    @rant-ninja I think web apps is the way to go. Google has some good tutorials out there
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    @carlosjpc Will check.

    Any preference?
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    Not really, have only tinkered there and there
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    Got something up and running. Dash is amazing.
    Reused all the code from notebook plotting.
    Everything was categoried into functions and classes (in notebook).
    Got Dash up and running, re did the call backs and voila.
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    @rant-ninja share the love man! (Link)
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    @carlosjpc Not on a public link yet, still working on it in local scope. Will share once it has some meaty graphs.
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