Dev related: To actually finish my projects instead of working on different ones, and end up finishing nothing.

I said I was going to create my own operating system. I started it, but barely. I haven't touched the compiler I was working on for months. Oh, and I'm working on an android app related to writing. I started it a while back, and never got to finish it.

My need to stop starting new projects, because if I keep doing this, I'll never finish anything.

Non dev related: To get my manuscript out of the slush pile, and finally published. It's currently in the dreadful querying process.

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    Damn, you've done so much more than I did with your age. Just keep on working on your projects, no matter how unfinished they are. That's what makes you grow as a dev.
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    Meh... same, my motivation to finish a project goes down logarithmically with the amount of money that I'm getting paid
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    Same 😂😂 Always starting new projects.... Game ideas, big projects and plans...
    Btw love to read your rants 😉
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    Thank you. I appreciate it. :)
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