Felt great because I overclocked my 7700k to over 5.2GHz (with a tower fan). A few days later I was streaming Overwatch, won a match, blue screened...
So close to winning the silicone lottery!

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    @irene I assume so, I'm a bit new to oc'ing so I'm still learning
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    @irene ohhhh hours??? I was doing like a minute of testing. Oops :|
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    15 min Off Testing is sufficient
    It probably not even the CPU that cause the crash check the logs ..
    Often if u oc ur CPU heavily u have to oc ur ram too so u don't run into timing issues
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    I think it's quite necessary to test it for couple of hours. I have had situations where stress test didn't crash my PC for an hour. But I got blue screen after gaming for like 3 hours.
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    5.2 at what settings?
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