Some companies have images of their tech support personnel in their websites.

They show you Steve and Michael......but in reality you get Rajhit and Pakalu

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    Stop reminding me of my first job dammit
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    @Alice okai, plz sir, probhaid passguord fur azzis stance
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    @sharktits ah shit man u worked at customer support too? Well the one thing we can do is laugh about it now ;___;
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    Thank God, no, it was a research job and most of our storage/data servers were outsourced so i had to battle waves of kumars daily
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    @sharktits previous role decided outsourced developers were a good idea.

    Yeah. No. Their code was hacky and rushed, they were disgustingly subservient and that just ended up as a “yes Sir” attitude when it wasn’t actually sensible to do so.

    The database was littered with dead tables and utter bullshit.

    And then I’m made to feel like an utter monster when I find understanding their accent over low bandwidth Skype difficult.


    Luckily my first employer ditched their outsource team for my department after they realised the wins of having in-house English speaking devs.
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    When I was working as an Apple Advisor for the UK, some would ask if I was in India or in Bangladesh.

    Some would be really surprised when I told them I was in Portugal, because they thought I was a native.

    I guess it doesn't have to do with your accent or your grammar, but rather with generalization, since most calls I got from other tech supports (providers for example) all had that Indian accent.

    Thank you, comagain.
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    @Loeina omg a cobol developer!! Do you have magic powers??!!
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    @Loeina effing sweet man. I have always wanted to get into COBOL development.
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    @Loeina me own laziness and being scared that I will not be able to find a job or a way to gain experience in that field. At my 27 I barely get noticed where I live in terms of experience ( I know, shit is backwards af)
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    @Loeina maaan where I live it is hard to find an html job....one good reason for me to learn cobol is to move to a major city!!
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    @Loeina thanks for the info bro, ill have to git gud first.
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    @Loeina great advice man! Will gimme me something to mess around with :)
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    ++ for the tags and making me laugh
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