I did it. I switched from Android to iPhone. Why? Because they came out with a new UI and features with the iPhone X and it’s been 3 years since I’ve owned an iPhone; I don’t like to be left out of new tech.
I already don’t care for it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautifully designed phone. The clicks, haptic, and general feel of the phone is great and so is the X’s different UI. But the features? I feel like I’ve gone backwards a few years from where my Galaxy S8 got me. Facial recognition is actually great, but I could have had that with my GS8, but I preferred iris scan.
I forgot my wallet at home and wanted to buy a drink from the drug store by my work. I usually use Samsung pay which uses MFC & NFC so I can just use it with any magnetic reader; no says iPhone. I try to unlock my phone in the car, but there’s not trusted device option like in Android, so I unsafely struggle. I want to sign into my gyms WiFi, but no sign in option pops up like in Android; I’ve got to pull up safari.
I fucking love my Apple Watch though.
It’s definitely better than the Android watches that I’ve tried, and that might keep my with an iPhone much ch longer than I want until a better Android watch comes out.
I just think it’s good not to fanboy anything. Be open, find all the pros and cons.

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    Now that's an opinion on iOS I can actually accept and that isn't pure fanboyism
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    I've used it for a while (iOS) and always jailbroke it because I found it way too restrictive.

    Colleague had one (just moved to an android device) and I've got to say (personally): how unintuitive and restrictive can you make a fucking OS?!

    But just my opinion, glad you brought yours with actually arguments!
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    @linuxxx totally agreed. I know I’ll be switching back to Android within the next couple of years.
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