Wtf is Instagram. Seriously how many times do you have to be hit in the head with a fucking shovel to be even moderately amused by that garbage fire. You can't even upload more than ten files at once?! I mean I get server space but fuck me! That shit is goddamn fucking pathetic as fuck. These cock licking cockroaches who find interest in this banal baby vomit green trash are using precious oxygen. Seriously, to upload multiple photos took like twenty minutes. And then they were all wrong because I shot them 4:3. But this is a fucking photo sharing application and crops wrong with 4:3. What the living, breathing, fucking fuck? People actually live with this shit and use this?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! How narcissistic and stupid do you have to be to put with an application that doesn't even fucking run in browser. This was my first time ever attempting this fucking black hole of vapid self destruction. Never again. And fuck people willing to do it.

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    You haven't even experienced the L joys of the:
    0) Ads... 1/5 posts on average are an ad, with the first one popping up after the second post.
    1) The feed algorithm... Good God it's so fucking bad.
    2) The suggested posts algorithm... I follow friends, meme accounts, and sports accounts. Why the fuck are you suggesting me food accounts, some foreign cunt's account, and nature pictures? It's supposed to be based on things I like.
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    I use instagram to lurk babes. Instagram is all about the babes
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    Wow. It's even worse than I thought? That's just sad almost. I just wanted a place to host my record collection because I have some really cool and rare stuff. They made it so unbelievably stupid, there's no point. At least I have pics of all the covers now.

    Dude. Social media is built for stalking its all about that juicy, juicy stalking people you've never met. Or, having embattled arguments with them for days on end.
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    And I thought Google+ was bad.
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    @AleCx04 i used for the same purpose!
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    @darkLord a fellow man of culture and taste!!
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