I asked our customer at least 10 times if they really REALLY want the feature this particular way, because it absolutely made no sense..

Guess who got a bug (!!) assigned today in which the feature should be changed like I told them..........

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    Bug: client not working as intended
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    I have started asking the clients to give use cases before even talking about building a feature. You want a new feature? Great! Who's gonna use it? For what? How? And then I repeat it back at them to make them realize it's stupid and useless. And if they are really thick in the head, repeat the process.

    But usually clients are sensible enough to understand. We just gotta be their debugging duck every once in a while.
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    LOL client never works. @YouAreAPIRate
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    That's a very good approach, however you get those people who will tell you to gather requirements and not change them,I think we should just freeze everything after successful gathering and charge a fee for any changes 😁@badcoder
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    Well. If it was in the specs it's not a bug. It shouldn't be marked as a bug. It is a change of an existing feature and you charge your client extra for it. Let them learn the hard way :D
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    @zfor client pays us per hour so it wouldn't be an effective punishment 😅
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