Goals for 2018

Finish all my udemy courses I purchased back in 2016 and never watched

Learn to write tests for all my work

Figure out the shitty api in Drupal 8

Redesign my apps so they look pretty and make me more money.

Learn to Automate my app feeds

Redesign my company website to look more professional

Sell my townhouse

Start running again

Loose weight

Be a better husband and father.

Learn new tech and make something fucking awesome!

Go to tech Meetups

Hang around smart people and learn to be a better coder.

Battle my demons and autism.

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    I got lots of udemy courses free because of coupons I found online. I still haven't watched all of them yet. Most of the are Android, Java and JavaScript tutorials.
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    @Bobj2008 yeah I bought machine learning, unreal engine, unity, ai a-z. They were like 5-15 us
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