I've made a thing and I'm proud of it.:D

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    Looks cool. How did you do that?
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    @hypervtechnics a raspberry, which I'm actually using as access point, media-and file server, running a node server with express and socket.io + a few cronjobs fetching my google calendar(s) and the weather from darksky.net.

    The rendering works with vuejs, so it's just a chromium in kiosk-mode and the "design" is just something I thought would look cool.(:

    Autostart happens on lxde session start and as an easy workaround i just terminate xscreensaver before, because I was too lazy to to find out if I can disable it via cli.^^
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    Nice... ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    @daintycode Do you Plan on making this a "production" ready thing which can be shared to other users easier?

    I wanted to do smth like this for a long time. I am currently working on the backend as I wanna code a complete offline self hosted home system. And this looks like a perfect and clean & simple looking display ^^ Nice work :D Except touch support but thats way later :D
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    @hypervtechnics not planned tbh, but maybe I'll find the time to do so.(;

    Especially the ICS-parsing for the calendar is pretty specific, so it works for me and I guess it would break easily as it is now.

    I can't promise anything, but I'll comment it here, if I make it public.(:
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    Looks very cool!:)
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    a fucking cool thing for sure
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    Donner's tag. My favorite tag.
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    Looks great :) like the design :)

    Have a suggestion for further development.
    Dismount the display frame so that you have the blank pannel. Put a mirrored piece of glas in front, so that you got a fancy futuristic mirror display :)
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    Just realise that you are German ... By mirrored peace of glas I ment eine verspiegelte Glasscheibe ๐Ÿ˜…

    Just in case ๐Ÿ˜‹
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    I planing exactly the same thing but for my workplace, who employee can walk by and see who working on which project.

    Would be nice to read how u did it.

    Von mir aus auch auf Deutsch. ๐Ÿค“
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    @Rohr that was the inital idea, a friend of mine did that actually.
    But for me the whole mirror thing made no sense, so I went for a status display.

    @Sweash I may publish it as it is now and provide some sample data which would come from the crons.(:
    I guess you guys know the default weekend-project code mess.:D

    I'm actually thinking about making it a bit controllable via a fire tv remote and turn it of when i leave the house (aka my phone isn't connected to wlan)
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    Okay, now I have another project on my list. D: :D

    Looks great
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    Nice, gut gemacht!
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    @hypervtechnics @Sweash

    Here you go:


    As stated, I won't push any updates and/or fixes there, it's the state of the art as it is now.:D

    Have fun!๐Ÿงก
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    @daintycode star!
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    Look into framebuffer image viewer or the kiosk mode wm of raspian...
    Or you also could start without a wm and write your browser into the .xinitrc....should do the trick
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    Me: Do you know what an IP adress is?
    Her: Yeah of course i do
    Me: Do you know what a mac adress is?
    Her: No, i dont use Apple

    Im drunk and cant stop laughing xD
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    Wait shit, i thought i made a new rant. F me xD
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    @daintycode Good job!
    Yet, why not do it in English? Even for yourself only.
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    @Noob now that you're asking it.. dunno.:D
    The bi-linguality with having the calendar German is a bit weird with the days being English, I guess.
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    @daintycode Hehe, I try to do everything in English just for unity and interoperability.
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    Looks beautiful, I gotta do something like that when my future Pi 4 replaces my Pi 3B :)
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    I feel bad for breaking the 256 ++ count. ๐Ÿ™
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    Looking good!
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    what do you study? :)
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    @GlabbichRulz software development. (:
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    Dude this is really cool. Well done
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