To all those fellow devs who wish to have a girlfriend,

Please don't, she'll be a distraction, unless she's in IT

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    Not really... I've met girls that aren't super needy and understand it's school/work first. Having a social life with human interaction is a good thing for ones mental health, so distraction or not, it's still something that's a bit ok.
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    @jhh2450 that's new to me... but anyways I gave my unpopular opinion
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    @Andrian my man
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    Yeaaaaaah. I bet it's sooooooooo terrible. You must have it soooooo hard.

    I can't even imagine what I would do without all this loneliness
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    @inaba hobby shall help you and friends are always there
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    It depends mate. She can also be a stress reliever 😉😏
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    Maybe it’s just certain women? My wife constantly supports my work and even though she doesn’t understand most of it, she still goes with the flow.

    As for others’ “certain needs”, having her play WoW with me is more than enough satisfaction. 😉
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    Not really. I have a girlfriend who’s not into IT and she lets me do my work.

    All depends on how you balance. Peace ✌🏼
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    This is far from the norm, unless you're dating 15 year olds.
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    You guys know that people are different from country to country, including girls (I hope I didn't trigger the feminism threshold!).
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    Same goes for the other way around lol.
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    What? Gf is gonna distract me?
    No thanks. I'm perfectly capable of distracting MYSELF, thank you very much!
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