For my final project as a first year computer engineer, I have to implement a FAT32 file system using a bare metal c++ compiler that will need to work on arduino uno/due....

I've only been in the computer engineering space for 2 months.
Not sure I can do it, but I'm going to try my best!
Wish me luck

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    Good luck mate. Tell us how it went.
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    Dang, good luck man. For a first year student that will be pretty cool to see!
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    Sounds like fun :D
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    Its only useful if you connect external memory tho. You shouldnt touch arduino internal memory, you know because of different architecture in comparason to pc and similar things. Thats my opinion. GL with that!
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    Wow. Interesting. Good luck mate
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    As a person who teaches occasionally, I can mention the following, it is not about implementing the full standard, but rather demonstrating understanding of file system and clean code
    If you need an inspiration:
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    @Gregozor2121 obviously :) I'll be using an SPI microsd card adapter
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    @Windys looks very interesting and thorough! I'll do my best!
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    Is this the final project for the usual first year cpp programming course that you're supposed to pass in every cs curriculum everywhere?
    It's great.

    I like low-level stuff and I wanted our final project of the said course to be something low-level like this, but in the end they told us that everybody had to write some made up random bs game using qt.

    After all, it wasn't very fun and I ended up writing some simple, "platformer shooter defense against waves of monsters for more points in some time" game.
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    @winternight nah, we have to make a library, it can be for a piece of hardware or some algorithm. I picked something I thought would be useful for me, and maybe someone else.
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