I want to start with Web development and for that I want to code a dashboard for finances with a connection to an Restful API.
I know HTML, CSS, TS and some JS. But I don't know which framework to use.

The framework should:
- have an easy way to separate HTML from JS or TS code.
- easy way to break down a single page into different html files.
- not have to use npm or Node.JS. Preffered is a CDN solution.
- HTML Templating

Maybe also tutorials on how to setup the coding enviroment.

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    A JS framework with no node.js, to consume an API.. does the API requiere signing?

    You might need backend dude.

    But, if all you need is front end then go with Angular, React or Vue, those are the market leads.
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    @mundo03 I have a backend. I want to know how to do frontend.
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    Use Angular or Vue 2.0 IMO, although you will have to use npm and node for both, the only one that I can think of off the top of my head that doesn’t need npm or node is Angular.js
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    @Phippsaurus Seems to be nice, but I want to use JS, HTML and CSS to learn to develop with that. I may use it somewhere else, can I include an css framework like bootstrap or bulma ?
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    I choose Vue.JS. I had tried it before and couldn't get around it, but found a tutorial which explains the whole component structure better then the VueDocs. Still had to install Node.JS just for npm, webpack and a run enviroment 😐.
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    @FilipeRamalho in general these days you’ll have to install an environment for most frameworks
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    @Jameslikestea I'm liking the overall experience till now. The dev server runs slow, but when built it's very fast. My only issue is not being able to serve the dev server for other computers.
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    @FilipeRamalho if in your package.json you append to the serve script —host yourip or —host yourfqdn it will allow access from those, although this is not recommended
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