I see too many back-end rants against front-ends.

Should we talk about table layouts, malformed html, programatically generated spaghetti wrong markup, css absurd class naming, infinite div wrapping (div-itis), awful usability, poor legibility, terrible typography, wrong color palettes and user-unfriedly design? To name a few horrors i've seen so far.

Some people won't admit that their contempt against HTML and CSS being 'not real code' actually hides their inability or unwillingness to learn it. Or they need the feeling of superiority.

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    I read that as div-tits ...

    But yes, I concur.
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    Respect for the brave people who face css every day!
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    Very true from my experience. I've heard people say "I can't do any design, that's why I don't do front end" and also "But you do front end, there's no real coding involved right?" (Just after I told him about using React and Redux).

    People don't seem to know what writing front end code is nowadays.
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    Right on! Not hating on the backend guys building stuff at a huge scale, thats a different story. But if you're making an internal app used only by customer service, stop acting like your API isn't just a thin layer above just querying the damn database. And if you're using a framework its probably like 5 lines of code: Create an object, validate, save object, return response. Wow, much hard.
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    Both front and back end are as difficult and rewarding as you want them to be. Some people make a good living on the bare minimum of knowledge and defend their ignorance, the rest of us strive for more and that's the real Us and Them.

    I loved this snapshot of the state of front-end dev. Anyone have a similar insight into back-end?

    The Front-end Spectrum:
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    it is coding, but imho it is a completely different kind. so different that it is barely related. neither is better or more important, but rather different. (Not including js in this)
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    true.. I find backend and even low levl programming much easyer to understand than all of the front stuff... css is hell to control in real life projects
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    @Lukas css is easy as pie. If anyone thinks it's hard they simply haven't read the documentation. The era of random bugs and hacks (IE6 and 7) is over. Shit just works now as it should.
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    @GriffinSauce not entirely true. CSS will always need polyfills because browsers can't get their shit together.
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    I've written some nearly css for websites that basically allow every site I've worked on be able to go to a tiny mobile screen down to a 60 inch 4k screen. that can be painful but when you know it, it isn't too bad. I have some pre built stuff, most I built, some I license, where a lot of websites I can plug and play. i don't really do Web anymore, but I can get a website up with copy, photos, everything a client (and there endless debates and cost negotiations) within 3 days. 2 of that being design discussion and approval and 1 of slapping it together.

    it's work, there is real programming in there, but at the end of the day, it's a lot more design
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