I was tasked to evaluate wherever a customer could use an implementation of OTRS ( https://otrs.com/ )

Is it just me or is there no information on this site apart from <OTRS> will make your life better! <OTRS> will cure AIDS! <OTRS> will end world hunger!

This site is trying to use its fucking product name in every god damn sentence. <OTRS>. Everytime <OTRS> is mentioned it is fucking bold printed! My eyes are bleeding within 2 minutes of visiting this site.

I can't get any information about what excatly it is apart from their catchphrase: OTRS (again, bold. I'll refrain from putting it in <> from now, i think you got the point) is a customizable support desk software that manages workflows and structures communication so there are no limits to what your service team can achieve.

So, it's a support desk software you can customize. Great. What does it do?

"Whether you deal with thousands of inquiries and incidents daily [...] you’ll need digital structures that integrate standardized processes
and make communication transparent between teams and departments,
as well as for external customers."

Great, but what does it do?

"Reduce costs and improve satisfaction by structuring customer service communication with OTRS."


"Manage incidents simply and uncover the data needed to make forward-thinking strategy decisions. OTRS is an ITSM solution that scales and adapts to your changing business needs."

W H A T D O E S I T D O ?!

Okay fuck that, maybe the product page has something to say.
Hm... A link on the bottom of the page says it is a feature list ( https://otrs.com/product-otrs/... )

Ah great, so i got a rough idea about what it is. Our customer wants a blackboard solution with a window you can pin to your desktop and also has a basic level of access control.

So it seems to be way to overloaded on features to recommend it to them. Well, let's see if can at least do everything they want. So i need screenshots of the application. Does the site show any of them? I dare you to find out.

Spoiler: It does not. FFS. The only pictures they show you are fucking mock ups and the rest is stock photos.

Alright, onwards to Google Images then.

Ah, so it's a ticket system then. Great, the site did not really communicate that at all.
Awesome, that's not what i wanted at all. That's not even what the customer wanted at all! Who fucking thought that OTRS was a good idea for them!


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    Also fuck sites where you need to scroll 5 kilometers to read 3 sentences. This stuff makes me furious.
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    I did understand itbis a ticket system from your rant only, so a couple of basic features came to my mind ...

    So, is it good?
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    @mundo03 I won't be able to try. I'll whip something up that caters their needs way better than a software where they're not using even 1% of the features.

    Also yeah. You only get that it's a ticket system as soon as you leave their site and look up the name on Google Images...
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    Have you had a look at open source ticket systems?
    You can find at least one on your preferred language and they all have the basic stuff: tickets, email notifications, worflow customization (basically renaming some fields) and user roles.

    For instace: OpenSuport in PHP
    And fucking redmine in ruby
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    That might be worth a try. I think i'll speak about it with the customer. First need to check in with my department lead though.
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