Dear Colleague who ended a call I overheard today with the sentence "I'm off next week, if there is anything - anything! -, call me on my mobile phone!". Fuck you. If you value your work more than your family, that's not only your problem. You're fucking my clients expectations, too. I don't think you're a hero. You're a moron.

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    Do you also think that people who work faster than you with at minimum the equal valuable outcome are fucking your clients expectations, too?
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    @geaz How is working faster during working hours the same as working during a holiday?
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    @freakko I just wanted to make clear, that there are many reasons which could higher the customers expectations - working during holiday, working faster, doing more overtime etc. I don't see the reason to rant about this. It is just normal. Most customers know that this is not common and it won't higher their expectations.

    Get over it and be happy that you are able to hold a good work-life-balance. Or that you are able to enjoy your holiday.
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    I agree with the rant. @geaz it is definitely not the same.
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