Windows 10 is just a bad joke at this point. First it doesn't show any text in the menus, now it fucks up all the drivers. I really need to scrap it and install literally ANY other os in order to improove my experience but I keep telling myself that it doesn't really make sense until I have a new harddrive and I keep wondering if the Evo850 is worth it. Fuck the saturday night struggle.

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    Never had any of thoose issues, even if I am on fast ring
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    @Linux i have them regularly. Linus tech tips tweeted a picture of the problem recently: https://twitter.com/LinusTech/...
    This happens, as I said, often. Last time it was at my best friends house where we didn't have much time and my laptop basically stalled everything with this fuckup.
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    Very strange...Never had this issue and its the first time I hear something like that. Even if I diss myself right now but actually I think win10 is a nice OS compared to any prior version of win. We're using it in office and its fine
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    @oxmox i would really like windows 10, both esthetically and regarding the functions, if things like this wouldn't happen. So I totally understand your point.
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