Any devs out there worked building Golang microservices for a production environment?

I don’t have a specific question really. Just wondering who is out there on a similar path!

I’m building using Golang, Google Cloud, Docker, Kunernetes, and Terraform currently on a personal product bound for production!

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    @zickig Always beware of premature optimization.

    Also, beware of the dreaded monolith to micro-services re-write. I've been down that road and would not recommend it.

    The tech is all for pretty solid needs.

    Golang: a super-solid language

    Google Cloud: Gotta host somewhere and it's a lot cheaper than AWS...

    Docker: Running a VM of Ubuntu (~1Gb), running it in a Docker container (~120Mb)

    Kubernetes: For managing and deploying those VMs in production. No more 3 AM calls when a node goes down, another one just spins up.

    Terraform: This one might not be needed for every project. But from a dev-ops perspective, it is amazing to have to plan and be able to reproduce consistent infrastructure for the app. No more of this "it runs on my machine" shite.

    But, of course, not every system is suited to (or need) a micro-service based architecture. In many cases, a simple RESTful NodeJS setup will do just fine.

    gRPC for the win!
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