Spends hours implementing a really cool new feature.

Feature gets deployed.

Client flags the new feature as a bug :'(


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    I laughed hard 😂😂😂😂
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    Even a feature needs an explation.
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    Ahhhh, that's just cruel :P

    What kind of feature was it?
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    Haha ok so everyone's asking for the feature, telling you the feature takes away abit from the comedy of the situation.

    I added a pagination feature to a table.

    Be let's say the user says they want to see 50 rows and there are only 47 records, the table would show 50 rows.

    So the user flag the empty rows as a bug.

    Not that funny, but there have been several times this sort of thing has happened to me :P Glad you guys got a laugh out of it :)
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    @barrymdoyle To be fair, that definitely sounds like a bug that should be fixed.
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    This cuts deep. It's what taught me to follow the brief as exactly as possible
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    @barrymdoyle sad to say, its a bug. Haha
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    Haha ok you guys got me, it's a bug in a new feature :P I'm going to crawl back into my cave now :')
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    "It's not a feature. It's a bug"
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