How do you deal with people who stare at your screen?

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    stare at them.😁
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    Fart'n burp 💪🏼
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    Open up porn 😳
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    @FelisPhasma they'll only start fapping!
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    Monitor 1: fullscreen, dark theme code editor
    Monitor 2: fullscreen terminal, spewing compilation details on save.

    Normal people get bored of this pretty quickly.
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    @zourtney terminal with dir/a/s ? (Windows)
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    Thanks guys! Flooding bash is a great idea!
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    google for "How to kill a person staring at my screen And then get away from murder for invasion of privacy "
    it works
    9/1O times.
    that one time you miss?
    that's when you find a badass friend for life, who can give you back your antics and sarcasm.
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