Do you want an app completed for tomorrow?
It will be a shit.
Do you want a very good app?
You won't have it tomorrow.

Clients and bosses will never learn it...

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    Fuck yeah
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    Good, Fast, Cheap - you get to choose 2. No more.
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    Have you ever seen the show "The Apprentice" in the UK (also available in other countries). In a couple of different seasons, they've asked the teams to produce an app, with the development done essentially overnight after agreement between devs and business candidates. And you watch it knowing the quality the end product is going to be and laugh and laugh and laugh...
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    You warned them.
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    My boss used to say, "You want it bad? You'll get it bad."
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    @samk no I haven't, but I'll check for it, thank you! :)
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