...just download our new app! NO! FUCK YOU! What do you think you deserve storage space and permissions on my phone? Make a responsive site or webapp or I will not use your service. Why does everything need a fucking app? Oh, you bought a new car? Download an app! New appliance? DOWNLOAD A FUCKING APP! Just bought a new Samsung phone, but already use all of Googles empireware? WELL HERE IS ANOTHER CALENDAR/MAIL/EVERYTHING APP FROM SAMSUNG THAT YOU CAN'T COMPLETELY DELETE! This needs to stop.
Thank you for listening

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    You welcome
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    But why? I get it, it's faster, but if the app offers something that couldn't be served with webapp, I'm not complaining. Also, many users are used to OS behavior, which you can't really implement in web. Those are small details, but in the end they are incredibly important.
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