I wish I would be a developer in 2011..

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    He may have doubt about,
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    @thesagya I wish I have this doubt too in 2011. 😌
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    @LastDigitOfPi Thank you!
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    Stackoverflow questions are looked up by demand. That means that simple questions for common tasks will receive tons of upvotes whereas sophisticated niched ones may tumbleweed.

    Never treat the votes as a measurement of quality of a question, but only as one for popularity and usefulness.
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    I will try asking " how to print hello world in Python" ...this will my road to fame😎
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    @Chetan1996 this questions has been marked as duplicate by xyz...😢
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    @medit atleast you got enough "++" to build you avatar😥
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    @k0pernikus words of wisdom
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    What’s dumb about that?

    There are several interesting converns when parsing:
    For example:
    What’s the difference between parse and cast?
    what happens to non-integer input?
    Should you use parse or tryParse for handling errors?
    Do different parse-methods handle rounding of floats differently?
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    @Chetan1996 you'll get there soon, don't worry
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    Of course this question needs to be on stack overflow, but only once. This person was just lucky enough to be the first person to ask
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