In your opinion, if Zuckemberg or others IT succesfull people had gone in differents universities, they would have the same success that they have? The question is, how much is important to go in a renowned university where they push you to have success? This morning I got up with this question in my mind

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    How will you explain successful IT people who didn't go to ivy league schools? There are many many factors and education is only one ot them. Still very important.
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    I think it is more the internal drive of the student. So many ways to attain success in our profession😀
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    So in your opinion why the most big silicon valley companies are been funded by American who went in renowned universities? Intelligence should be equally divided in all the world end often the lessons are public and available on university websites. So we should have the same chance to have success. I read their biography and I'm enough sure that they receive help, and it shouldn't be a secret.
    I don't know, I want a coffee
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    the success of Zuckerberg is that he did want to get laid
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    I think if you're motivated enough it doesn't matter which school you go to.

    That being said, I think the best thing Ivy League schools offer is a chance to network with other equally motivated people. Maybe even more than education
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    The reality is that relationships and connections are everything. A good idea and some drive to pull it off is the first step, but if you look at these guy's stories, every single one of them had at least a couple friends in college that were very strong in areas that they were very weak.

    Like @xroad said, it's not that you can't make those friends at a less prestigious college, but chances are, if you're going to one of the best schools in the world, you're going to meet some of the best students in the world...
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    @Treebasher yes, it's a reasonable answer 👍
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    @Treebasher best students, not necessarily means best entrepreneurs
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    @mxdpeep those schools don't define "student" in the traditional sense. They look at so much more than your high school GPA.
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